Student Leadership Team’s Welcome

FICS House Captains

Welcome to our school!

We are the House Captains, Senior Students and Form Representatives. Our House Captains lead one of three houses and the inter-house competitions which are held throughout the year. Our Senior Students are some of the best role models in the school and they assist our House Captains.

Our Forms representatives attend the student council and report back what has been discussed to their peers. At FICS, each form has its own representative. Every Wednesday we meet to discuss problems brought to us by the students and try and solve them to the best of our ability. We even get involved in the recruitment process for new teachers. One of the FICS new teacher appointments described our interview stage as a 'cordial interrogation!'

We also get involved in helping organising school events, charitable events and inter-house competitions. There is an intense, yet fun, rivalry between our three houses. Our houses – Shackleton, Ross and Fitzroy – are named after famous explorers with strong ties to the Falklands Islands.