Dress Code for Students

At FICS we do not have a School uniform however we do encourage school branded clothing, we expect our students to attend school wearing neat, tidy clothing which is appropriate for the working environment of the school.




Bottoms are to be worn at waist height, without underwear being displayed (trousers, skirts, leggings, shorts etc.)


Ripped/studded jeans or see-through leggings are not acceptable


Shorts must be an appropriate length


Clothing should not display inappropriate slogans or pictures (any references to drugs, alcohol, sex or violence will be considered inappropriate)


Headwear including hoods, hats, caps etc. are to be removed when inside the building


Tops that are low cut or have thin straps are not acceptable



Genera Rules



Only studs are permitted

Jewellery MUST be removed if asked to do so for health and safety reasons i.e. PE, DT, Food, Science

Outdoor clothing

All outdoor clothing such as wellies, scarves, gloves, hats to be removed once inside the building


Shorts/tracksuit trousers and PE top to be worn for each lesson

Students to wear footwear that is suitable and appropriate for the sporting activity undertaken e.g. football boots for football.


As well as the guidelines above, any clothing deemed to be inappropriate by a member of staff will not be permitted.