GCSE Results 2022/23

The Falkland Islands Community School is delighted to celebrate the success of our 2023 Year 11 cohort, who have achieved a set of fantastic GCSE results. These outcomes will allow a very large majority of the school’s pupils to continue on their educational or career journey with an excellent foundation for future success.

These results are all the more remarkable as they come at a time when grade inflation from the Covid period has ended and grade boundaries have returned to 2019 levels. In many settings this has seen decreases in pupil performances. However, all performance indicators for the outcomes of pupils at FICS in 2023 show a rise on 2022 achievements.

Early analysis shows exceptional rises in English and Maths Grades at 4+ (GCSE Pass) and 5+ (Strong GCSE Pass). Especially notable are the English results which have built on already positive results from 2022. 84% of pupils achieved 4+ and 76% achieved 5+. Meanwhile the increases in Maths grades from 2022 are noteworthy: There was a 29% increase in pupils achieving a 4+ grade and a 19% increase in pupils achieving a 5+.

The percentage increase of those achieving both English and Maths combined at 4+ and 5+ highlight the success of the school’s intervention programmes to target improvement for individual pupils.

Other notable successes were seen in:

  • Progress indicators suggest that pupils at FICS achieve significant ‘value added’ progress beyond UK school averages.
  • Spanish with an average grade per entry of Grade 7.
  • Food technology with a 100% of pupils achieving Grade 4+.
  • Combined Science with 81% of pupils achieving Grade 4+.
  • 100% of pupils achieving at least a pass in entered vocational subjects.
2019 2022 2023
English 4+ 75% 76% 84%
English 5+ 61% 66% 76%
Maths 4+ 46% 49% 78%
Maths 5+ 18% 27% 49%
En & Ma 4+ 46% 46% 73%
En & Ma 5+ 14% 24% 43%
Progress 8  0.25 0.48 0.52
APS 4.15 3.995 4.86

Attainment 8

32.17 40.7 50.3
Grade 9s 0.54% 1.65% 2.74%
Grade 7s 11.40% 10.71% 18.20%

The success of the cohort is no surprise considering the effort they made in preparing for their exams. They have been well supported by their families as well as the dedicated staff team at FICS, led by the head of Key Stage 4, Kirsty Bailey. A consistent indicator to their potential success has been their high attendance throughout the academic year, which has constantly set the bar for other year groups to follow.

Principal of FICS, Sebastian St John said; “Since arriving in 2022, I have been consistently impressed with the effort and application of our Year 11 pupils. Their outcomes highlight what a strong year group they have been throughout their time at FICS and the clear level of ability they have. They have been well supported by our staff on their journey through the school system and I hope that they take the time to celebrate and recognise their success, before they progress to the next stage of their lives. I’m especially proud of the staff at FICS across all roles, who make a positive contribution daily to support the islands children achieve success, and who should also be proud of their work across the last academic year.”