FICS Knowledge Organiser

A knowledge organiser is a summary of the key facts and essential knowledge that pupils need to develop a greater understanding about a particular topic.

Current educational research shows, that the frequent use of knowledge organisers as a learning tool increases knowledge and improves literacy skills.  Currently there is a whole school target to raise the literacy levels of all our pupils at FICS.  Our knowledge organisers will support this target through the explicit teaching of Tier 3 language across all subject areas.   It will ensure that our students will considerably improve their vocabulary and develop a greater depth of understanding across all subject areas, providing a solid foundation for success at Key stage 4.

Knowledge Organisers support your child in accessing the curriculum and form part of both their in-school learning and homework tasks. Knowing and understanding the content of the knowledge Organisers will enable your child to be successful in their Key Stage 3 learning and help to prepare them for success at Key Stage 4. Every pupil in Key Stage 3 will be issued with their relevant knowledge Organiser and are expected to bring this to school every day.

Pupils will be set a half termly test, by subject area, of the material within the knowledge Organiser. Outcomes from this testing will communicated to parents.

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